• Image of Dead Roots (TPB)
  • Image of Dead Roots (TPB)
  • Image of Dead Roots (TPB)
  • Image of Dead Roots (TPB)
  • Image of Dead Roots (TPB)

Softcover - Trade paper back version of the Dead Roots comic anthology. 212 Pages.

The trade paper back includes all 36 Dead Roots stories, the original covers, a gallery of pinups and sketches, the original two-page promo comic and a whole horde of zombie goodness!

Dead Roots is a comic anthology based on the initial outbreak of a zombie plague. The anthology focuses on the emotional state and experiences of everyday people, and their journeys as they search to find their loved ones in a apocalyptic setting. The anthology features multiple short stories from some of the top talent from the worlds of TV, animation, film, comics and games.

"The multi-angle telling of a zombie apocalypse is a breath of fresh air to the usual one where you follow one group of people who fight against the walking dead. All the characters represent the vast variety of the human race."

- Reluctant Geeks

"Dead Roots is a quality anthology, a fantastic read and even bigger promise."

- Geek Native

"Dead Roots is flawless from concept to content."

- Bleeding Cool

"Expect blood, violence, swearing, madness, love, hate and a LOT of zombies. Like a mad prequel to World War Z in spectacular comic form."

- Gorepress

"This is some damn good zombie storytelling. Similar to Max Brooks’ brilliant World War Z, Dead Roots focuses not simply on the zombie outbreak itself, but on its impact on and interpretation of the survivors affected by it."

- Fanboy Comics