• Image of Eponymous 1 - (TPB)
  • Image of Eponymous 1 - (TPB)
  • Image of Eponymous 1 - (TPB)
  • Image of Eponymous 1 - (TPB)
  • Image of Eponymous 1 - (TPB)

Eponymous #1.

The age of superheroes is over. All are long since dead or forgotten, allowing the world to return to its preconceived idea of normality. But when a massacre on a global scale is predicted at the hands of Casey – the first super-powered-individual the world has seen for nearly twenty years – the decision is taken to find this new superhero and kill her, before it’s too late. Dragged into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Casey must fight to unravel the mysteries of her past, fight to avoid her predicted role in the nightmarish version of the future – and fight just to stay alive.

The TPB contains the first, six, ten-page stories:

Leap of Faith
Secrets and Exposition
A History of Conflict

"Eponymous is a five star comic book."
- Geek Native

"With its combination of tight, engaging writing and gorgeous, heart stopping art, Eponymous is a must read for those starved of bold and bad ass new books."
- Bleeding Cool

"I was hooked on Eponymous from the very first page."
- What'Cha Reading?

"Wow! Is my exact thought... I was left wanting more but satisfied at the same time."
- The Cult Den

"This is a seriously beautiful book, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take the story. There’s a lot of potential in this title; check it out."
- Fellowship of the Geeks

"Cinematic is probably the best way to describe Eponymous."
- Chaos Hour

Eponymous is printed on 138mm x 210mm, 130gsm Silk stock.

64 Pages