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From co-creators Mike Garley and Andy Clift.

A character-driven, high-octane, noir tale of
manipulation, loyalty and revenge...

Hardly a word spoken in 30 Pages. 233 panels.
And 32 Kills...


“THIS BOOK KILLS! It's so ballistic you'll need Kevlar to read it! From the non-stop barrage of action to poignant character moments that tease a larger world, this is action storytelling at its finest.”
- Vince Hunt (The Awesome Comics Podcast)

“A high-octane thrill ride set with 16-panel pages of pure joy. An action movie of the highest order!”
- Dan Cole (Excalibros)

“Unrelenting action guaranteed to get the pulse racing! Graceful and flowing panels will draw you in to the twisting world and have you calling out for more!”
- Heather Tinsley (The Valkyries)

“The inventive panel stylings and near-wordless narrative shows how Garley and Clift are a powerhouse duo in action-driven comics”
- Fred McNamara (AP2HYC)

“A well crafted story that leaves the reader not only highly entertained but questioning everything we see in a way that engages the reader’s imagination in a purely fun romp of violence.”
- Steven Leitman (IndieComiX)

“The relentless action of The Raid, the hard boiled grit of Ed Brubaker and the artistic flair of Darwyn Cooke.”
- Alex Thomas (Pipedream Comics)

“Action-packed from start to end,
32 Kills provides a thrilling experience in a way that only a comic book can.”
- Tayo (Los Harrow)


40 Pages
Published by Comichaus
Suggested for a mature audience