• Image of Faux Hidden Gems of the VHS Era

Mike Garley has painstakingly explored the depths of the unknown video gems so you don’t have to. Including Names of, some of the titles of the dumb films that I’ve made up, hopefully engaging enough to get people to read it.

A collection of some of the best overlooked hidden gems of the VHS era. For many, a trip to the video store was a weekly staple. While there you could see all types of wonderful and weird films on display just waiting for you to pick them up and enjoy them. But with so many great films, lots of films - mainly the weird and the bizarre - were often overlooked. This book, compiled over a year, contains over 52 great films that you might have missed. Their title, tagline, synopsis, as well as critical and audience reviews is all in here for your reading pleasure. From examples of various weird stuff to other examples of weird stuff. Is your favourite hidden gem in here? Spoiler, as they’re all completely made up, probably not…

+ Forgotten video gems
+ Run times and genres
+ Ratings and reviews
+ Critical analysis